STRANGE Things Discovered Inside People

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

The body is an incredible thing. What astounds us most, besides the way our brain works, is the remarkable amount of things that are found inside that clearly don’t belong. These are Strange Things Discovered Inside People.

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#7 – A Belt
Anuj Ranjan was lucky to have survived a horrific car crash some years earlier but he still carried the pain of that day around with him. The car crash had left him with a wound in his stomach. Several years after the crash and Anuj begins to develop tuberculosis and an infection at the spot of his wound. Because of the seriousness of the wound and the infection, Anuj was put under the knife to close the passage that had opened up at the site. As the doctors were finishing up the surgery and about to sew him back up, they noticed that something was lodged between his lung and his heart. It was an 8-inch section of a belt along with a few cloth fragments, all remnants of the crash long ago. Thankfully, it was found that this was the source of the infection so once it was removed and he was healed, Anuj was close to brand new.

#6 – A Tree
Here is more reason you should be more careful about the air you breathe in. Just like the guy with the pea plant growing inside his lung, Artyom Sidorkin found himself in the same boat when he was 28. The discovery happened when he started having an extreme pain in his chest. Rightfully concerned, he went to a doctor to have things checked out. Much to his and the doctor’s surprise, the pain wasn’t caused by a tumor, like the doctors had feared, it was a two-inch long fir tree that had started growing in his lung. They believe that he inhaled it when he was out in the woods, training to be in the Russian army.

#5 – Plastic Utensils
A man named John Manley had a cough and breathing problems for a while but didn’t know how to stop them or even really where they came from. He let it go on until his breathing problems were so severe that he was forced to go get things checked out. When doctors did an x-ray scan they feared the worst, but it wasn’t a growth. The object that had made Manley actually faint in public after an intense coughing fit was a piece of a plastic fork he had used when eating at a Wendy’s awhile back.

#4 – A Rusty Knife
We aren’t sure how someone could go around living life with a 4-inch knife blade stuck in their head but apparently, that’s exactly what Li Fuyan did for three years. The incident that caused this mayhem happened when he was trying to stop a thief. When he was trying to apprehend the suspect, the robber attacked him with his knife and ran away. Thinking that the thief had taken the knife with him, he didn’t realize that the problems that began to plague him after the incident were because of the lodged blade. Thankfully, the blade had missed major arteries and barely damaged the surrounding tissue, so once it was discovered, it was safely removed.

#3 – Bits And Pieces
It’s kind of difficult to see in this photo of the x-ray, but the person whose stomach this is spent a good deal of time swallowing things that they shouldn’t have been swallowing. The man in question was a 62-year-old from France who seemed to find sustenance in 350 coins, a few necklaces, some needles, and a random piece of scrap. This man had ingested so many objects that his stomach reportedly sunk down between his hips. The doctors who did the x-rays were able to remove everything without a problem but if he did it once, he’ll probably do it again. Why would you want to do this to yourself? There are just some things that we will never understand.

#2 – A Frog
After hearing what Yang Dincai does for a living, it’s pretty easy to see how this happened in the first place. Believing that rats and frogs have some sort of medicinal properties when ingested, Yang has spent more than the last forty years both swallowing the creatures himself as well as encouraging others to do the same. When a man named Jiang Musheng came to this guru for help with the pain in his stomach, the great Yang suggested that he swallow a frog. Jiang, believing that Yang knew his stuff, swallowed the live frog which then led to many doctor’s confusion when he had to be taken to the hospital for removal.

#1 – A Giant Hairball
The disgusting object pictured here certainly looks like a dead and petrified cat or fox, but what this thing actually is, is much, much worse. This grotesque thing is a giant hairball. An 18-year-old had this removed from her stomach after complaining of pain in the area. The girl also suffered from a habit of chewing her own hair, apparently until digestion. You can see that she had been working on this beauty for quite some time since it was an astounding ten pounds when it was finally removed.

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