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      Jinhu Extrusion equipments

      • 產品服務: 管材、型材、板材、片材擠出設備
      • 所屬類別: 供應 > 塑料機械
      • 單價: 0.00
      • 最小起訂 量: 1
      • 供貨總量: 100/臺
      • 發貨期限: 90
      • 有效期至: 2019-11-15 [已過 期]
      • 最后更新: 2019-09-26
      • 郵件: bettyfan@jinhu-china.cn
      • 電話: 18721809517
      • 手機: 0086 18721809517
      • 地區: 上海
      • 地址: 上海市嘉定區曹安公路4246號
       JINHU GROUP mainly provides all sorts of plastic pipe production line, all sorts of profiled production line all sorts of plastic Board, Sheet, Film production line, all sorts of single and twin screw extruder, all sorts of screw & barrel for plastic machinery, winding head for chemical fibers and chemical fiber complete set of production equipment, all sorts of excellent water cycled type vacuum pump. high reliability water pump, hot oil pump and pneumatic system, thermal constant temperature system. electrical cable machinery, chemical complete set of equipment gear box...etc. Products are exported to such countries and regions as Southeastern Asia,mid-east, South American, EU...etc. Always improving and developing the quality of products and have established complete nation-wide service network. It has developed into the strongest enterprise in national plastic machinery industry. Our advantages ie in that we continuously provide new items with excellent quality and reasonable price. It is our ultimate target to help our customers to create best profit and business opportunity.


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